Application Image Competition 2023/2024

on Advanced Nano- & Microfabrication


After the successful completion of last year's competition, Heidelberg Instruments renew the invitation to all users of their products to take part in the "Application Image Competition on Advanced Nano & Micro Fabrication 2023/2024."

This competition offers an opportunity for the worldwide Maskless Laser Lithography and Direct Write community to exhibit their work through the Heidelberg Instruments’ communication channels and stand a chance to win one of the prizes totalling €10,000.

Each prize will be awarded as a donation, which can be directed towards the winners' chosen institution to support student scholarships, research groups, or travel expenses to a scientific conference or to Heidelberg (Germany). Alternatively, the donation can be directed towards a recognized charitable organization of the winners' choice.

We will be accepting submissions from June 1st, 2023 through February 29th, 2024. More information on the submission method coming soon.

The announcement of the winners will take place in the spring of 2024.


Rules of the competition

  • Upload 1 to 5 images and/or a short video (< 3 min.) illustrating one innovative application, referred to as "images" in the following text.
  • Submitted images should hightlight the use of a Heidelberg Instruments tool (any current or past system including VPG, DWL, MLA, µPG, µMLA, NanoFrazor® & MPO 100).
  • The images must be free of third-party copyright.
  • The images can be made with any equipment (e.g. cameras or microscopes).
  • The images can be slightly edited when it serves an illustrative purpose (e.g. scale bar, colouring or naming of elements). 
  • Heidelberg Instruments will have the full rights to use the images online or in printed form. It will be associated with a reference chosen by the submitter (author’s name and/or institution).
  • Winners will be selected by a committee nominated by Heidelberg Instruments.
  • Multiple entries, regarding different applications, will be accepted and should be made separately.

* The legally binding conditions for participating in this competition, additional rules and the details on both the awards and their donation is set forth in the Terms and Conditions and need to be accepted by a participant when submitting image(s) or video(s).


Judging criteria

  • Illustrative quality of the images (their ability to convey the function and application of the structure shown).
  • Aesthetic and quality of the images (accuracy, sharpness and resolution).
  • Clear and concise descriptions of the application and its associated images.
  • Creativity and innovation of the application.
  • Energy-saving and environmentally friendly advantages will also be considered.

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